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Zeca Group - Azienda
Zeca was founded in 1983 thanks to Prof. Antonio Campagnoli's commitment and for over 20 years has been operating in the business of packaging of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and edible produce.
We can offer our clients a chemical/technical
know-how which is the result of so many years of consulting and cooperation with companies working in different business areas, and that we constantly keep up-to-date.

Zeca designs, creates and sells containers and envelopes that always reach the highest standards in safety and design, plus a full service on demand including wrapping and assembling.

Thanks to our attention to market demands and through our long-lasting background experience, Zeca's
packaging technique has received the certificate of conformity from the Bureau de Vérification Technique, which is required for the transportation of hazardous wares. Another recognition of the high quality standards reached in all these areas is the "Packaging Oscar", assigned to Zeca because of the method called "Viplatura", a peculiar procedure of plastic coating which merges the advantages of glass packaging with the ones of plastic packaging.
Production samples
"Viplatura" of chemical-pharmaceutical bottles clicca per ingrandire  
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4G homologated Packaging clicca per ingrandire  
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