The procedure for plastic coating used by ZECA S.r.l. is called “Viplatura”; it consists in dipping a glass object into a plastic material bath. Heating the part that needs to be coated causes the first gelatinization of the plastic material on the glass surface. Then, the part is removed from the bath and “baked” in an oven in order to obtain its final feature.

Viplatura is an innovative technology that allows to cover any glass or metal container with a material coat of different thickness, color and touch effect depending on the customers’ needs.

Viplaura has two fundamental purposes:

  • protection and safety
  • decoration

In case the bottle should break, the viplatura coating can keep glass fragments from cutting people who are handling the bottle and the liquid contents from leaking. Moreover, the gummy effect makes the handling safer and firmer, as it keeps the bottle from slipping.

All tests confirmed the safety of viplatura.

The plastic material we use responds to all the laws now in force; moreover, it’s completely non-toxic and can be used in food industry as well.
The coating can be colored according to our customer’s requests; depending on the base used, the coating may result either glossy, or transparent, or covering, or “gummy”, soft when touched.
Special effects such as fluorescence, luminescence or eco-leather can be obtained.
Coated containers can be silk-screen printed, pad-printed or printed through hot stamping.
All of this lets us have different and personalized results starting from average bottles.

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The “Viplatura” procedure, that we have been using for long time both in cosmetic packagings and in the chemical reagent containers area, extremely hazardous substances included, allows us to vary the coating thickness in a remarkable way by insisting on its technical peculiarities.

When talking about containers for chemical reagents, we produce a very thick coating and obtain higher technical peculiarities.

When talking about bottles for cosmetic industry, on the other hand, we can unite decoration and protection, that is coating durability and pleasant features both to see and to touch. Moreover, glass cleanliness and plastic practicality are also made into one thing.

Spheres of usage:

  • coating of bottles containing dangerous/toxic material;
  • coating of radioactive material containers;
  • coating of mugs and glasses;
  • anti UV coating (up to 95%);
  • safety coating of chemical tools subject to hard pressure or depressure;
  • non-slip coating;
  • coating of bottles/jars for cosmetic industry;
  • coating of glass containers for food industry;
  • coating of mechanical parts.

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