Pad printing, sandblast, silk-screen printing

ZECA S.r.l. can satisfy every request of its customers, offering them a complete production cycle, from varnishing or painting to silk-screen or pad printing, to assembly and wrapping. This way we can intervene on materials and reduce costs.

In chemical/pharmaceutical areas, we use painting without lead, where coloring is made through the application of a liquid coating directly on the glass surface. Color is then settled through a low or a high temperature thermic procedure.

Pad printing is a technical procedure that uses pads to transfer color from a plate directly onto a surface of an object, both plain and round. Afterwards, color can undergo a further tempering treatment to assure its lasting.

Using particular masks, it’s possible to have a decorative picture on the glass surface. We can obtain both plain mattings and glazings; moreover, the object can be also decorated through silk-screen or pad printing.

Normaly, ZECA S.r.l. produces sandblasts for the cosmetic area (bottles) and for food industry (glasses, cups, …)

Silk-screen printing on plain or round surface is obtained both mechanically (through the use of suitable machinery) and manually (through the sticking of decals). Once color or decal is applied, the item is baked from 180°C to 625°C, according to each procedure; this way, the layer applied is melted into the glass surface, which makes the decoration indelible.

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