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ZECA S.r.l. was founded in 1983 thanks to Professor Antonio Campagnoli’s commitment and for over 20 years has been operating in the packaging business of cosmetics, pharmaceutical and edible products.
We can offer our clients a chemical/technical know-how which is the results of so many years of consulting and cooperation with companies working in different business areas, and that we can constantly keep up-to-date.
ZECA S.r.l. designs, creates and sells containers and envelopes that always reach the highest standards and safety and design, plus a full service on demand including wrapping and assembling.

Homologated packaging

ZECA S.r.l., for over twenty years has been operating in the business of packaging of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and edible products. We conceive and commercialize both made to measure and standard packaging that offer:

  • product protection in any transportation or storage conditions;
  • safety;
  • room rationalization;
  • time optimizing;
  • respect of the most recent international laws about the transportation of dangerous goods;
  • cost reduction

All of our products are made with the best raw materials, severely checked and certified.

Bureau De Verification Téchniques

Thanks to our attention to market demands and through our long-lasting background experience, Zeca’s packaging technique has received the certificate of conformity from the Bureau of Vérification Techniques, which is required for the transportation of hazardous wares. Another recognition of the high quality standards reached in all these areas is the “Packaging Oscar”, assigned to ZECA S.r.l. because of the method called “Viplatura”, a peculiar procedure of plastic envelopment which merges the advantages of glass packaging with the ones of plastic packaging.


ZECA S.r.l. can offer special packaging, both in polythene and in pharmaceutical glass. These special materials can be used either singularly or assembled in combined certified packaging.

Our knowledge of the materials used and our experience in conceiving let us offer our customers personalized packaging solutions in polythene that protect from damages due to accidental crashes, vibrations and abrasions.

Our containers in pharmaceutical glass (plain, painted or “viplati”) are widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as they can grant hygiene and avoid drosses.

Painting (no lead) and “Viplatura” are reccomended for preparations that are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

Our standard packaging are made of containers whose capacity goes from 2lt to 10lt. All of our supplies are certified.


The procedure for plastic coating used by ZECA S.r.l. is called “Viplatura”; it consists in dipping a glass object into a plastic material bath. Heating the part that needs to be coated causes the first gelatinization of the plastic material on the glass surface. Then, the part is removed from the bath and “baked” in an oven in order to obtain its final feature.

Viplatura is an innovative technology that allows to cover any glass or metal container with a material coat of different thickness, color and touch effect depending on the customers’ needs.

Viplaura has two fundamental purposes:

  • protection and safety
  • decoration


In case the bottle should break, the viplatura coating can keep glass fragments from cutting people who are handling the bottle and the liquid contents from leaking. Moreover, the gummy effect makes the handling safer and firmer, as it keeps the bottle from slipping.

All tests confirmed the safety of viplatura


The plastic material we use responds to all the laws now in force; moreover, it’s completely non-toxic and can be used in food industry as well.
The coating can be colored according to our customer’s requests; depending on the base used, the coating may result either glossy, or transparent, or covering, or “gummy”, soft when touched.
Special effects such as fluorescence, luminescence or eco-leather can be obtained.
Coated containers can be silk-screen printed, pad-printed or printed through hot stamping.
All of this lets us have different and personalized results starting from average bottles.


The “Viplatura” procedure, that we have been using for long time both in cosmetic packagings and in the chemical reagent containers area, extremely hazardous substances included, allows us to vary the coating thickness in a remarkable way by insisting on its technical peculiarities.

When talking about containers for chemical reagents, we produce a very thick coating and obtain higher technical peculiarities.

When talking about bottles for cosmetic industry, on the other hand, we can unite decoration and protection, that is coating durability and pleasant features both to see and to touch. Moreover, glass cleanliness and plastic practicality are also made into one thing.

Spheres of usage:

  • coating of bottles containing dangerous/toxic material;
  • coating of radioactive material containers;
  • coating of mugs and glasses;
  • anti UV coating (up to 95%);
  • safety coating of chemical tools subject to hard pressure or depressure;
  • non-slip coating;
  • coating of bottles/jars for cosmetic industry;
  • coating of glass containers for food industry;
  • coating of mechanical parts.

ZECA S.r.l. can satisfy every request of its customers, offering them a complete production cycle, from varnishing or painting to silk-screen or pad printing, to assembly and wrapping. This way we can intervene on materials and reduce costs.

In chemical/pharmaceutical areas, we use painting without lead, where coloring is made through the application of a liquid coating directly on the glass surface. Color is then settled through a low or a high temperature thermic procedure.



Silk-screen printing on plain or round surface is obtained both mechanically (through the use of suitable machinery) and manually (through the sticking of decals). Once color or decal is applied, the item is baked from 180°C to 625°C, according to each procedure; this way, the layer applied is melted into the glass surface, which makes the decoration indelible.



Pod printing is a technical procedure that uses pads to transfer color from a plate directly onto a surface of an object, both plain and round. Afterwards, color can undergo a further tempering treatment to assure its lasting.



Using particular masks, it’s possible to have a decorative picture on the glass surface. We can obtain both plain mattings and glazings; moreover, the object can be also decorated through silk-screen or pad printing.

Normaly, ZECA S.r.l. produces sandblasts for the cosmetic area (bottles) and for food industry (glasses, cups, …)

ZECA S.r.l. produces tubolar protective nets, ideal for the safeguard and the packaging of bottles and other items.

The material used is the polyethylene, ideal for bottles protection of mutual impacts during the transport. The pigment used is for food, the polythene is hypoallergenic certified.

ZECA S.r.l. produces tubolar protective nets for every needs, and a large choice of length, color and diameter is available.

Our nets are for:

  • the packaging and protection of mechanical parts (PRZ, PRG/PRT)
  • the packaging and protection of bottles (PRB)
  • the packaging and protection of metal and medical cylinders (PRX/PSF)
  • the packaging and protection of food (E9, PA)
  • miscellaneous packagings (E9)

Besides the traditional combined or homologated packaging, ZECA S.r.l. has recently specialized in the enwrapping activity fot third parties, as two lines for vertical three-welding enwrapping are already available and another one is going to be ready soon.
We can enwrap liquid and solid materials consisting in different granulometry.

We produce various envelopes in size and weight, and we also keep the national and international licence for “envelopes for effervescent powders”.

Our envelopes are both of TNT (Tessuto Non Tessuto – Texture Non Texture) and of coupled plastic material (PET/PE, TRIPLEX, QUADRUPLEX) that can be plain or decorated according to our customers’ requests.

In times like these, as image is becoming more and more important, it’s fundamental to be immediately recognizable and to stand out among other companies because of originality and innovation.

Conceiving, making and delivering our products is definetly not all we can do for our customers. On the contrary, our constant cooperation with them lets us develop and bring into the market customized products and services more and more advanced and effective.

ZECA S.r.l. can offer a complete service because its whole production can be customized in shape, dimension and color.


In order to respond to several companies’ requests for full service assistance, besides the making of the individual components of the packaging, ZECA S.r.l. can also provide service in assembling and wrapping either at its own site or at its subcontractors’ all over Italy and abroad; precision, quality and quick delivery guarantee.


ZECA S.r.l. is overall packaging consulting: from the project to the product and its usage.
Our Customers’ satisfaction is our main goal and this is the reason why we offer them our background as well as our push to innovation. We cooperate to our customers’ activities by suggesting solutions and applications that give extra values.
Together with our customers, we have been studying, projecting and creating plenty of packaging solutions in cosmethics, food and pharmaceutical business. We’ve been acting as real advisers in conceiving packagings that are attractive in colors and design as well as technically perfect according to logistics and to produce functionality and durability. We’ve also obtained packaging homologation, when required.
ZECA S.r.l. can offer a real complete commercial service.
After cooperating with our customers in product conceiving and once we have defined its development line, the yelding process will begin, from order to delivery. This way we can grant product care and right timing.

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